Product lines - Open staircases

Open staircases

The open staircase always connect the main parts of the house impressing style and character, becoming real protagonists of the environments. Classical or modern, the Stairlab open stairs allow to obtain high performances and they meet any desire in terms of functionality and design. The proposals and combinations are countless using the straight steps, platforms or winders. The models, details, colors and accessories are infinite: shapes that change depending on your tastes and desires, pleasant...
Product lines - Helical staircases

Helical staircases

Stairlab's spiral staircases, thanks to their helical shape, furnish a space with sinuosity, elegance and lightness.

Characterized by the absence of the central pillar, the helical stairs are easy to climb and descend and leave ample space for passage at hand and shoulder height, favoring also the transit of  bulky objects, even in stairs of reduced diameter.
Product lines - Spiral staircases

Spiral staircases

Supported by a central structure, Stairlab's spiral staircases are ideal for  connecting both the main parts of the house and the secondary ones, adapting perfectly to the different structural and architectural requirements.
Produced with circular or square base and available in different diameters, Stairlab's spiral staircases are the only staircases to be customized with different accessories, so as to create Solutions which combine style and functionality creating an...
Product lines - Mini staircases

Mini Staircases

Creating space where there is none: this is the philosophy behind these new simple stair structures. Essential but complete, in addition to achieving the best in design and technology, this range obtains the impossible in terms of space-saving. Every single element has been designed exactly to make the most of every space, taking you higher even under extreme and prohibitive conditions for a spiral staircase. A minimalist look for an easy use, maximum functionality and freedom of movement.
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