The modern style is that which is most frequently used to furnish contemporary homes: a careful design, at times also characterised by innovative solutions, where the charm of materials and finishings is combined with the form's seduction, and is always essential, clean and efficient. The modern style creates a unique emotion in every space.

Open Staircase Recta
staircases recta
Open Staircase Nea
staircases daisy
Open Staircase Mya
staircases mya

Open staircases Loft
staircases loft
Open staircases KD
staircases knock-design
Staircases Gamma
staircases gamma

Brilla - Spiral glass staircase
staircases brillia
Spiral staircases Trio
staircases trio
Spiral staircases Loft
staircases spiral-loft

Gamma Helical staircases
staircases spiral-gamma
Knock Design Helical staircases
staircases spiral-knock-design
Mini Staircases - Mini-scale
staircases mini-plus

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