The minimalist style makes use of only the indispensable to furnish a home. The forms are linear and clean, without excessive decoration and markings. The spaces are kept airy and open to avoid all that is superfluous. The result is a home that is distinctive and very similar to the radical chic style. The colours alternate in environments up to a maximum of three per room and the forms are pure, in an environment where order reigns supreme.

Open Staircase Recta
staircases recta
Open Staircase Nea
staircases daisy
Open Staircase Mya
staircases mya

Open staircases Loft
staircases loft
Open staircases KD
staircases knock-design
Brilla - Spiral glass staircase
staircases brillia

Knock Design Helical staircases
staircases spiral-knock-design
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