interior styles - Classic


The classical style is very bon ton; it is elegant and sometimes has a special touch to prove that creativity is possible even in this case. Tradition has it that living room furniture must have a glass case in which to display ceramic and silver objects, and that fabrics such as drapes and carpets must be made of velvet or fabrics which can be flowered or single-coloured. Harmony in interior design is created with measured and composed forms, capable of transforming an anonymous space into a warm,...
interior styles - Modern


The modern style is that which is most frequently used to furnish contemporary homes: a careful design, at times also characterised by innovative solutions, where the charm of materials and finishings is combined with the form's seduction, and is always essential, clean and efficient. The modern style creates a unique emotion in every space.
interior styles - Minimalist


The minimalist style makes use of only the indispensable to furnish a home. The forms are linear and clean, without excessive decoration and markings. The spaces are kept airy and open to avoid all that is superfluous. The result is a home that is distinctive and very similar to the radical chic style. The colours alternate in environments up to a maximum of three per room and the forms are pure, in an environment where order reigns supreme.
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